Organization chart


Department of Educational Practice Research

[Area of Research]

  • Evaluation research, theorization, and data collection related to IPE
  • Theorization, empirical research, and translational research related to IPW
  • Development and popularization of IPE (undergraduate and graduate) and IPW program
  • Development and effect verification of faculty and staff development program

[Area of Education and Practice]

  • Preparation, coordination, system development, and evaluation of IPE by the members of three undergraduate schools
  • Fostering networks with the fields, etc.

[IPERC Faculty]


  • Ikuko Sakai (Professor, Graduate School of Nursing)

Research Professors

  • Narumi Ide (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Nursing)
  • Izumi Usui (Lecturer, Graduate School of Nursing)
  • Yumiko Baba (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Nursing)
  • Zaiya Takahashi (Lecturer, Graduate School of Nursing)

Faculty Members with a Concurrent Post

  • Mayumi Asahina (Associate Professor, Chiba University Hospital)
  • Shoichi Ito (Lecturer, Graduate School of Medicine)
  • Yuko Sekine (Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Masayuki Ishikawa (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Tomoko Majima (Professor, Graduate School of Nursing)
  • Sumie Ikezaki (Associate professor, Graduate School of Nursing)

IPERC Steering Committee

Committee Members

  • 11 IPERC faculty members
  • Ichikawa Tomohiko (Assistant Director, Chiba University Hospital)
  • Itsuko Ishii (Manager of the Pharmacy Department, Chiba University Hospital)
  • Atsuyo Tazawa (Assistant Manager of the Nursing Department, Chiba University Hospital)
  • Takahiro Soma (Manager of the Medical Safety Management, Chiba University Hospital)
  • Eiji Shimizu (Chairman of the Undergraduate Education Committee, School of Medicine)
  • Yasumitsu Ogra ( Chairman of the Academic Affairs Committee , Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences )
  • Miyuki Ishibashi (Vice chairman of the Academic Affairs Committee, School of Nursing)
  • Kazuyuki Saito(Center for Frontier Medical Engineering)